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Do you ever end up distracted by social media when you’re out with your friends or making an attempt to sleep? However your addiction to understanding what's occurring in your community will be dangerous for you, and the hundreds of thousands of other Facebook, Twitter and Instagram customers. Dr Tim Bono, a psychologist at Washington College in St Louis, has defined the six causes social media is causing you to be sad.

And now, in a piece for Healthista, the author of the brand new e book When Likes Aren't Enough explains what you are able to do as a substitute. Lengthy earlier than the advent of social media, psychologists like myself knew that certainly one of the fundamental obstacles to our effectively-being is social comparability. It’s onerous to be happy if we continually concern ourselves with how we measure up to these round us.

When we derive a way of worth primarily based on how we're doing relative to others, we place our happiness in a variable that is completely past our control. Within moments of logging on to social media we have now on the spot entry to the accomplishments of others, holidays, job promotions, residence upgrades, and culinary creations. It’s practically not possible to not get swept into the cycle of comparison. IS SOCIAL MEDIA Actually THAT Dangerous FOR YOU? For the report, social media isn't inherently unhealthy, says psychologist Dr Tim Bono, writer of When Likes Aren’t Sufficient.

He stated: 'It can be used for numerous fantastic things that can lead to information sharing, entertainment, and even genuine social connection. However we need to be smart customers of this media and aware of the potential dangers. If you find that your social media use is main you down a path toward one or more of these six paths, I’m not suggesting that you simply eliminate it altogether. But you may want to modify how you're utilizing it. Then you’ll get extra of the benefits with fewer of the drawbacks.

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Scrolling through the highlight reels our friends’ posts inevitably fills us with envy due to the things we now need. What to do as a substitute: Spend that point instead specializing in the great things in your life. Taking time for gratitude has the opposite effect of social comparison—it redirects our consideration to the many fantastic issues we already have in our lives that already are there however that now we have probably taken with no consideration. People who take simply a couple of minutes to give attention to what they’re grateful for really feel better about their lives general, report extra optimism about their futures, and even get sick much less typically.

A part of what makes these behaviors so addictive is the uncertainty factor. The engineers at Facebook know this. If each post and image that got here our way was pleasing, we might actually spend much less time on it. However because we never know if the subsequent submit is going to make us really feel good or unhealthy, we turn into even more motivated to maintain scrolling.

Maybe the following picture or post might be make us chortle, possibly it's going to make us cringe. Possibly the subsequent pull of the slot machine will hit the jackpot, maybe it is going to come up empty. There’s only one option to satisfy 'possibly'. That’s to keep going back for extra. What to do as an alternative: Make it harder to keep going again. Put your telephone in a place the place it’s not at all times in arm’s attain.

Download apps that monitor or limit how a lot time you possibly can spend on particular sites. Keep your social media apps buried in folders on the final display screen of your phone. Or don’t use the apps in any respect and make yourself log into an online browser each time you need to log on. These additional steps may provide the barrier you want to prevent overuse of this addictive media. The one strongest predictor of our happiness is the strength of our connections to other individuals. But we’re referring to the three-dimensional people on this case.

The number of Facebook buddies or Instagram followers we've got doesn't rely, regardless of our obsessions with crafting our own digital personas and becoming wrapped up in others'. In recent times the amount of time now we have dedicated to display time has corresponded with an analogous lower in the amount and high quality of our in-particular person connections. What to do instead: The next time you are tempted to scroll by way of social media, scroll via your list of contacts as an alternative.

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